The biggest secret in the wax seal industry.

It is no question beautiful wax seals can elevate your brand, whether you are an invitation studio, niche retailer, or a bride, wax seals will create excitement in what you do. Traditionally to use a wax seal you would have to hand stamp each seal, which is labour intensive. Self Adhesive Wax Seals are the modern answer to that laborious disposition. We stamp your wax seals using authentic sealing and finishing it with an adhesive backing. Giving you picture perfect wax seals ready to use the second you receive them, no stress, no hassle.

How does it work?

Step 1.

Determine the surface being applied to.


We have developed 3 different types of Self Adhesive Wax Seals; Craft, Multi-surface, and Invitation. Each Wax Seal has it's own use.

Use Craft Wax Seals For projects using uncoated paper or light cardstock.

Our Multi-surface Wax Seal is perfect for coated paper, heavy cardstock, glass, or almost any surface. It uses our professional grade adhesive and will provide a strong hold to almost any surface.

If you do not want to damage the surface underneath the wax seal we recommend using our Invitation Wax Seals.


Step 2.

Choose your favorite look.

Wax Seals have always been a creative medium for artists, how much wax you use and how the seal is stamped all changes how your wax seal looks. That's why we have created our 3 distinct styles; Modern, Organic, and Artisan.

Our Modern style wax seals are rounded and uniform from wax seal to wax seal, creating the ultimate organizational bliss.

Choose Organic for a natural looking wax seal, the wax has been allowed to run and has been specially stamped to provide a traditional wax seal look.

Characterized by a dramatic edge our Artisan wax seal is the messy creative, pens and papers strewn across the desk and masterpeices hung on the wall.

Step 3.

Upload your artwork.

After you have chosen your type and style of wax seal all you have left to do is determine your color and upload your artwork.

Then wait for picture perfect ready to use wax seals to arrive at your door.