Product Questions

Self Adhesive Wax Seals

Our self adhesive wax seals are individually pressed into real sealing wax by the team at WaxSeals.com and finished with an adhesive backing for easy use. As each one is individually crafted and finished by hand, we can create your wax seals as uniform or organic in style as you like!

Craft, Professional Grade, and Resealable Wax Seals each refer to a different style of adhesive backing:

  1. Craft Wax Seals: Finished with our lightest adhesive, these wax seals are designed for light use on uncoated, untextured paper or cardstock only. Craft Wax Seals may tear the paper underneath when removed. Please note: Craft Wax Seals are not included in our Wholesale Program, so if you would like to purchase Craft Wax Seals, please purchase them directly from our retail shop, www.artisaire.com.
  2. Professional Grade Wax Seals: Our strongest adhesive backing, our Professional Grade Wax Seals have been designed for use with a wide range of surfaces including: coated, textured paper and cardstock; handmade paper; coated surfaces; vellum; ribbon; glass; and packaging applications. We also recommend this type of adhesive for any mailing application (see #5 for more information).
  3. Resealable Wax Seals: Designed for delicate surfaces, our Resealable Wax Seals are finished with an adhesive that works like a Post-It Note. These seals will remove cleanly and re-seal 3-5 times.

Modern Edge

For a clean and uniform look from seal to seal.

Organic Edge

For a slightly irregular, organic look from seal to seal.

Artisan Edge

For a very rustic, hand-poured look from seal to seal.

We always recommend our Professional Grade Wax Seals for mailing, and requesting that your letters be hand-sorted to prevent any tearing due to modern mail sorting machines.

Alternatively, using an outer envelope is also a great way to protect your seals - especially if you choose either our Craft or Resealable Wax Seals.

Real Wax!

One of the most common questions we receive - is whether our self adhesive wax seals are made of plastic or not! But fear not - all of our self adhesive wax seals are made with our signature sealing wax (made in-house) that is exactly what you would receive if you ordered our glue-gun sealing wax for use with your wax seal stamp!

Wax Seal Stamps

Our Wax Seal Stamps come with a solid brass die that is engraved with your choice of custom or designer image and paired with a modern handle.

Wax Seal Stamps are used for wedding invitations, stationery, snail mail, gift wrapping, using for packaging or decorations, and even for stamping food and confections such as chocolate, fondant and even cheese!

Standard Die

A removable brass die designed for individual stamping and simple artwork.

Designer Die

A removable brass die designed for holding temperature and fine artwork.

Yes they are!

Both our standard and designer brass dies can be removed and interchanged with any of our "Classic" handles.

Our Deluxe Wax Seal Stamps are made with the highest quality of solid brass available and arrive paired with a 100% locally sourced, hand-carved hardwood handle.

Designed for the most intricate engraving detail and larger volumes of wax seals, our Deluxe Wax Seal Stamps make a beautiful keepsake.

An exclusive product offering for you as a member of our Wholesale Program, Keepsake Stampers can be added to the purchase of any custom order of self adhesive wax seals.

The perfect gift for your client - our Keepsake Wax Seal Stamps are created using the solid brass die used to create your custom self adhesive wax seals, and come permanently attached to one of our Deluxe Blonde Wooden Handles.

Sealing Wax and Custom Color Development

Designed for use in a standard (0.44" diameter) sealing wax gun or glue gun, all of our sealing wax comes in this format for easy use.

Simply add to your sealing wax or low-temp glue gun, allow to heat up (as you would with your glue stick) then pour and stamp on your surface.

Made with 100% authentic sealing wax.

Size of Seal
Number of Seals/Stick


10-12 seals


7-10 seals


5-7 seals


3-5 seals


2-3 seals


1-2 seals

They sure will!

All of our Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks are made to fit a standard glue gun (or our sealing wax guns).

Specs: 0.44" diameter x 4" long.

Ready to create a custom color?

Our in-house Color Lab can match our Signature Sealing Wax with your choice of coated Pantone number or physical swatch.

To place an order for Custom Glue Gun Sealing Wax Sticks, please place your order here.

If you are looking for Custom Color Self Adhesive Wax Seals, please fill out a Custom Order Request.

We're so excited that you're ready to create a custom color!

Please send your physical swatch or sample via mail to the following address:

HeoWorks Industries Inc.

Attn: WaxSeals.com Wholesale Team

114-2298 Millstream Road

Victoria, BC Canada

V9B 6H2

Available exclusively to our Gold Tier Wholesale Members, Custom Branding Colors are developed (one per year) for each member of our Gold Tier. These colors can be used as an offering to your clients, used in your packaging, or a number of applications.

Development is included as one of the member benefits of reaching the third tier of our program.

Custom Branding Color are then charged at $2.50 per stick or $0.20 per seal.


Our Wholesalers who have physical samples to show their clients see a much higher close rate for wax seals.

To help with this, we've put together a Branded Wholesale Kit that comes with all of the products available as part of your Wholesale Account - all branded with your company's logo.

Our Branded Display Kit Includes:

  • 50 x 1" Self Adhesive Wax Seals finished with your logo, Professional Grade Adhesive and choice of color and edge type.
  • 1" Keepsake Stamper with your logo.
  • 1 Complete Design & Color Guide.
  • 1 Adhesive and Edge Pack for testing and samples.
  • 1 Full Sizing Pack with all stock sizes (0.5"-3").

Yes we do!

Our Design & Color Guide contains physical samples of all 65 of our sealing wax colors - all attached to your very own Swatch Deck.

Learn more about our Design & Color Guide here.


If you would like to send samples directly to your client from one of the options above, simply enter their shipping information upon checkout.

Please Note: All of our samples will arrive with our company branding on them - as our logo and branding is incorporated in the product design itself.

Wholesale Ordering Questions

Order Process:

  1. Submit your order online for either a custom wax seal or custom self adhesive wax seals.
  2. Once your order is received, we will create an electronic proof and send it to you for approval via email within 1 business day.
  3. Select your favorite option from your electronic proof and send your approved proof to us by email.
  4. Once approval is received, production will begin.

Our Engraving Team is here to help turn your custom artwork into the perfect wax seal.

Here is what we'll need:

  1. A high resolution (300dpi), black and white vector image.
  2. In a high quality .PDF, .eps, .ai, .jpeg, or .gif format.
  3. An image with no shading or 3D effects.
  4. A die line if you have a specific placement or proportion required for your wax seal.

Please note: Black areas will be raised when pressed into wax.

As a member of our Wholesale Program, your orders are automatically placed as a priority order within our production queue. Orders always ship as soon as possible. If you are under a time crunch, please place your order and select the fastest shipping option. Leave an order note with your deadline, and we will do our best to meet it!

If you are looking to place a re-order, please place a new order using our online shopping cart and simply quote your original order number in the notes field!


We now ship all Wholesale orders via blind shipping - so simply add the shipping address of your client, and you can be sure that there will be no branding on the packaging materials within your shipment.  

All product will be wrapped using blank packaging, except for our Design & Color Guide or Sample Cards, which are branded by nature.

Please Note: As we are located in Victoria, BC Canada we are required by US Customs to provide the name of our parent company (HeoWorks Industries Inc.) on the outside of all packages traveling to the US.

Our online portal is designed for orders under 1000 pieces.

If you need to place an order for something over that - or something that you don't see in our Wholesale Shop (like a custom shape, size, etc.) please fill out a Custom Order Request!

So excited that you want to order a custom shape or size!

We will be adding new products (such as our custom shapes) to your online portal over the next few months, but in the meantime, please fill out a Custom Order Request and our team will get back to you!

All of the designs from our Featured Collections and Creative Community have been created for individual use only and are not for resale, commercial use or distribution and as such are not available in our Wholesale Portal.

Featured Collection and Creative Community designs are not to be used for resale, commercial use, or distribution without written consent from both WaxSeals.com and the artist who created the design.

Thank you so much for placing your order!

Once your order has been placed into our production queue, we are unable to accept any further changes as all products are made-to-order.

If you need to upgrade your shipping option, we require all upgrade requests to be submitted to us via email to info@waxseals.com no later than 9am PST the day after your order has been placed. Your order will ship via the originally selected method if we do not receive your shipping upgrade request before 9am PST the day after your order was placed.  

My Wholesale Account

Our Wholesale Team will personally manage your Wholesale Account including any updates to your pricing, account level, products, and pricing.

If you are looking to update any of your personal account information, that can be found by going to your account dashboard (the top profile icon in the top right corner of your screen).

As a member of our Wholesale Program, you will automatically added into the system at the Bronze Level.

This includes discounted pricing on our Professional Grade and Resealable Self Adhesive Wax Seals, access to your online portal and Wholesale Account, and other member benefits.

In the bronze level and want to upgrade? We recommend purchasing our Branded Display Kit! Increase your chances of success to your portfolio by over 50%!

If you choose to participate in our Loyalty Program (see number 3 below), your account will be updated to our Silver and Gold levels by our team once the requirements are met for each level. This will provide you with additional discounts on custom self adhesive wax seals, discounts on wax seal stamps and sealing wax (Silver), and other opportunities such as Custom Branding Color and Collaboration upon reaching the Gold level.

If you have questions about your specific account, please feel free to reach out to our Wholesale Team at info@waxseals.com.

A new addition to our Wholesale Program, our Loyalty Program provides you with the opportunity to earn additional discounts, product access and member benefits by showcasing your wax seal creations on Instagram!

Upgrade to Silver: Place 1 order! (We recommend using our Branded Display Kit to increase your chance of success!)

Upgrade to Gold: Place 10 orders and tag @Waxseals in 10 stylized Instagram photos!  

Here are the details:

  1. Place a new custom wax seal order.
  2. Once received, take stylized photos of your project featuring the wax seals.
  3. Share on Instagram and tag us (@waxseals).
  4. Once you have tagged us in 10 custom projects on Instagram, your account will be upgraded to the next tier.

We do our best to update all accounts within 1-2 business days of receiving your last tag on Instagram.

Please be sure to tag us in the photo itself so that we can track your photos!

Now that you have access to our Wholesale Portal, you will see a brand new standardized pricing structure to help with easier quoting on all of your projects!

As part of our Bronze Tier, you will see that all pricing now has a flat, per-piece pricing (discounts included).

As you work your way to the Silver and Gold Tiers, you will see a discount percentage off of that base Wholesale Pricing that corresponds to your specific level.

If you are a member of our Bronze Tier and don't see any physical discounts taken off your order during checkout - don't worry, your discounted pricing has already been factored in!

If you have questions about pricing or would like more information about a particular order, please let us know!

Wholesale Accounts are for use on the WaxSeals.com Wholesale Shop only, and do not apply on products listed on ARTISARE or discountwaxseals.com.